Free Little Big Planet Beta Keys

October 10, 2008



USAToday has begun giving out free beta keys to Little Big Planet. For those who are not familiar with the game, LBP is a 3d side scrolling adventure which allows user to create their own interactive levels and share them with people around the world. Doing a quick Youtube search will turn up some pretty interesting level designs. Anyway by contacting USAToday at the e-mail of with the subject of LittleBigPlanet Beta, they will send you a free beta key to unlock on your PS3. I received mine last night and have been really enjoying what the game has to offer.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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    2 Responses to “Free Little Big Planet Beta Keys”

    1. ben Says:

      Wow! I’ve not heard of that game. It looks really cool!

    2. mike Says:

      With this and Mega Man 9, it really looks like you need to get a new system. And when you do please go PS3.