Mega Man 9 DLC now available.

October 9, 2008


Capcom has recently released their first installment of DLC for Mega Man 9 this past week. In their first update, you will be able to download Protoman as a playable character (200 Wii points) and the endless level (300 Wii points). Protoman will be able to play through the same story as Mega Man but with a few differences. Mainly he has the ability to slide (a feature introduced in Mega Man 3), a chargeable shot and a shield that will block enemy attacks. The downfall to Protoman is that he takes twice as much damage and gets knocked back further after being hit. The Endless level is just how it sounds. You play as Mega Man going through an endless stream of screens and enemies, even fighting bosses throughout. The level design is totally different from the levels in the regular game and is pretty much completely random each time you play through.

So all in all, another fantastic job done by the good folks at Capcom. Can’t wait to see what they have for us next time.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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