Nintendo Fall Press Conference round-up

October 8, 2008


So last week was a huge week for Nintendo as they held their annual fall press conference announcing big things that will appeal to the casual gamer along with the Nintendo fanboy.  The biggest announcement coming out of the conference was the release of the Nintendo DSi.  This new DS redesign will provide the customer with a bigger screen, better sound, camera functionality and it removed the GBA slot in favor of a SD card slot.  One camera is on the outside of the handheld which is used for just what you would think, taking pictures and sharing them with friends.  While the 2nd camera is on the hinge on the inside, which would be used for upcoming games more than likely.  The downside of the new DSi, is that the battery life is a little shorter than the current DS lite (2-5hrs depending on the brightness level) that is on the market.  Also if you have Guitar Hero for the DS, the accessory needed to play the game will not work on the DSi due to not having a GBA slot to plug into.  Other than that the DSi will be a great new handheld if you don’t already have a DS lite. The DSi will be released in Japan later this year, but will not hit America till the next holiday season.


Outside of that big news, Nintedo had also announced that our Wii storage probelms are over (well for now).  Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that coming in Spring of 2009, we will finally be able to begin downloading WiiWare and Virtual Console titles to a SD card.  The storage issue has been very problamatic to many people who download a majority of the Virtual Console games.

And finally, Nintendo announced that they will be releasing a new Punch Out game next year for the Wii.  No details on how it will play, but it looks just like the SNES version of gameplay and doesn’t seem to be straying from what we have come to love about that franchise.

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