Mega Man 9 review.

September 25, 2008


Two words: Incredibly difficult. But isn’t that the best Mega Man experience, one where you curse till you are red in the face and swear off the game forever? Just to preface, I have been playing this for multiple hours a day from Monday till now and I’m still not done with the game yet; but I am finally on Wily’s level. Ok onto actually talking about the game. If you have played any of the 8-bit games you know how this one will play out. You control Mega Man through numerous side scrolling levels, with some going vertical instead of horizontal, fighting a different robot master at the end of each level. Having played Mega Mans 1-8 I am putting 9 at the 2nd most difficult (right behind the original). The level design in this game is so fantastic but difficult at the same time you end up loving and hating the game simultaneously. For instance, the standard disappearing/floating block level took me at least 10 times to go through as learning the pattern was a pain in the ass. But once you get past them you have pits with spikes to avoid and will take you back to the beginning of the level if you die. The bosses are not the most difficult to beat if you know what order to go in (once again taking multiple deaths to figure out) but once you have it figured out the boss battles are very easy. I do like how there is a store available to purchase items in such as energy canisters, extra men, new costumes, etc which helps out quite a lot in the later levels when you need those extra men. Outside of the fantastic difficulty of the game, you are also treated to a fantastic midi soundtrack, bland but colorful backdrops and to top it all off you can play in Legacy mode where there will be sprite flickers and slow down if too many enemies make it to the screen. And finally there are multiple achievements in the game which will definitely lend to the replay value of the game, one of which being to beat the game without taking a hit of damage (good luck on that one). It’s hard to let you in on anything new as this is your standard tried and true Mega Man game with no problems that I have come across yet. So download it, enjoy and prepare to be yelling alot.

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