Budweiser American Ale storms onto the beer scene

September 20, 2008


At this point, I don’t think anything short of prohibition will destroy the craft beer movement.  It will be interesting to taste this beer and observe its impact on the beverage market.  Early reports state that this offering is exactly what you’d expect from AB: a clean, consistent, average beer which sticks to style guidelines.  It reminds me of the Chipotle chain: it’s better than Taco Bell, not as good as your local burrito place, it’s owned by McDonalds, but I don’t mind going there sometimes.

Not that I’m completely hating on this beer.  It could turn out to be a great introduction to different styles and flavors of beer for a lot of people.  It’s highly doubtful that it will take much, if any, market share away from craft brewers and premium imports.  My guess is that this will mimic the euro-lager/pilsener attempt “Budweiser Select.”  It will have a huge opening with a lot of ad support and a big marketing campaign; and will eventually settle into its quiet place in the cooler next to the other Bud and Michelob products. 


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