Another Mega Man 9 Update?!?!?!

September 19, 2008


Yes kids, I’m back again with more exciting news for you on the Mega Man 9 front. Capcom keeps bringing us updated throughout the day and with this news we finally have a confirmed release date and details on the first DLC for the game. First, the game will be released on WiiWare next week (9/22) followed by PS3 on 9/25 and finally hitting XBOX360 on 10/1. Outside of that we have what I consider to be the coolest news surrounding the game since it’s announcement in that Proto Man will be available as a playable character on 10/6. Proto Man will have the ability to slide and charge his shots. On the negative side though he will be pushed back further than Mega Man when hit by enemies. This is a fantastic idea on Capcoms part as it will present plenty of replayability of this game. Word has it that there will be even more DLC announced soon, I’m hoping for more bosses.
Proto Man
Img courtesy of GoNintendo

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    One Response to “Another Mega Man 9 Update?!?!?!”

    1. ben Says:

      Yay! Protoman! If they announce Bass as a playable character, I’m going to have to buy a next gen system just to play this.