Paws! by Coarsetoys

September 18, 2008


This dudes is by far my favorite of all of the pieces at the Noop exhibit that Coarsetoys is putting on at Rotofugi right now.  Please check out stuff from the entire exhibit here.  AND  keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive Nerd City Noop coverage.

Image ganked from ToysREvil.

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    2 Responses to “Paws! by Coarsetoys”

    1. mike Says:

      So what’s the deal with the multi colored finger tips?

    2. ben Says:

      It’s the “rainbow” version of the character, the “blackout” version is also available here:
      As far as what his story is, Max conducted an entire interview with one of the Coarse dudes about just that. Max is now the go to guy for the story behind all of the Coarsetoys stuff. ;)