Episode 17: The Lost Episode

September 10, 2008


Following the consumption of an unhealthy amount of hooch following an extended Nerd City-themed brunch, the boys recorded this show, Episode 17 with members of the Nerd City army, Mike and Staples. Thought forever lost, this episode has been excavated from the Nerd City vaults so that our diehard fans can see a different side of Nerd City, and learn from our mistakes. So enjoy, but please, listen at your own risk.

Pics and links after the jump…

Pictures from the taping:



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    5 Responses to “Episode 17: The Lost Episode”

    1. ben Says:

      Wow. I don’t recall any of this. Are we sure that’s me in the recordings/ photos? :)

    2. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      I think the pics are an accurate representation of the recording of the show…from what I’ve heard.

    3. mike Says:

      Fantastic stuff, I really hope Robert Kirkman listens to this. Me vs Him is the next thrilla in manila.

    4. kaseyfleming Says:

      thanks for the plugg guys. i made a promo for the show.


    5. chefjames Says:

      super cool! i posted it to the front page…