G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs Wave 1

September 4, 2008


Wave 1 will feature Duke, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow.  But you’ve probably already figured that out by now. These guys have a November drop.

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    5 Responses to “G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs Wave 1”

    1. mike Says:

      Fuck, that Cobra Commander is sic.

    2. ben Says:

      Yeah, I pretty much really like them all except Duke, who’s just ok.

    3. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Imagine that, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. The two gay ninja characters. How about a Mugg for the pirate fan, where’s Shipwreck? Destro could be really cool, too. Or that coke fiend, Snowjob.

    4. ben Says:

      I like how Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes are too “gay” for you, so you want a Shipwreck figure.

    5. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      LOL What could be more straight than a sailor? Maybe they could make a Mugg for the indian chief, cop, cowboy, and construction worker GI Joes.