Export 55 Rock Band songs to Rock Band 2 for $5

September 4, 2008


An update for the Xbox360 version of Rock Band should be available today that will allow users to prep 55 of the 58 songs for playability in Rock Band 2 for only $5. The songs that will not transfer over are “Paranoid” as made famous by Black Sabbath, “Run to the Hills” as made famous by Iron Maiden, and “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. Metallica will not be available because they have signed an exclusive with Guitar Hero for their music. Nothing is stated why the other two bands are not porting over, but it could also have to do with exclusivity to GH4. Even though we here at Nerd City endorse Guitar Hero 4, you can’t deny how awesome it is of the Rock Band franchise to give the users this option for the new game thus allowing you to only have to deal with one disc to play all the content. And as reported earlier, all Rock Band downloadable content will be valid for Rock Band 2 (none of this is available for GH3 meaning all DLC will have to be played using the GH3 disc.)

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