Mario RPG finally here.

September 2, 2008


Well I’m back from Chicago, which would explain my lack of posts due to being internet less. I will say though it was great meeting the Nerd City crew whom I wasn’t familiar with, especially CJ. Anyway there was some great news over the Labor Day weekend regarding Nintendo’s virtual console. And that is for the 250th game for download is Super Mario and the Seven Stars. This is a fantastic game released for the SNES and developed by Square Enix, the makers of the Final Fantasy series. A very non traditional, but containing the traditional Mario feel, Seven Stars bring Mario into an decently long RPG game based in the Mushroom kingdom. The standard story of rescuing Peach is there but this time you are introduced to a slew of new characters including Mallow and Geno. This game is also the first time that Mario and Bowser worked together. Anyway it is now available for download for 800 points and will definitely keep you entertained.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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    3 Responses to “Mario RPG finally here.”

    1. ben Says:

      I hope you had a good time in Chicago, Mike. As far as I can remember, I had fun, too!

    2. mike Says:

      You seemed to be having a great time from the look of things.

    3. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Sorry I missed the Nerd City conference.