Japan sold out of Xbox 360s

August 20, 2008


I guess it was bound to happen sooner than later. It was reported last month that a few stores were having problems keeping systems in stock due to the release of Tales of Vesperia, which is a popular RPG series. Now it appears that all stores are completely sold out of system. So much the fact that Microsoft had to release an official announcement on the situation.

To all customers

We truly thank you for all your patronage in the past.

Currently, the Xbox 360 is sold out, and retailers are unable to restock their supply. This is a result of our own sales targets being exceeded by the actual customer sales. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience to our customers, retailers and business partners.

Here at Microsoft, we are moving forward quickly with console production, and plan to ship the standard Xbox 360 model out this September. Furthermore, we will sequentially be shipping out the Elite and the Arcade models. We ask that you please patiently wait until the console is shipped.

We truly thank you for your patronage hereafter.

Home and Entertainment HQ

The 360 has not been a dominant console over in Japan when compared to the Wii and PS3, but with the release of a strong RPG that appeals to the Japanese audience we could be seeing the system become more popular as more games are released.

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