Great Lakes Brewing Celebrates 20th Anniversary

August 20, 2008


Great Lakes Brewing is the best thing to come out of Cleveland since…

burning rivers.

Seriously, this brewery makes some really great stuff.  Their entire line-up is either award winning, or at the very least interesting and well made.  I would recommend their Burning River Pale Ale, Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, and Dortmunder Gold.  Their seasonals and limited releases are usually very good as well.  Unfortunately they don’t distribute to my state, so whenever I’m in the area I make sure to pick some up.

It’s great to see another brewery prove that craft beer is a viable business and that you don’t need a bikini team or sassy bull terrier to sell beer.  Also, according to the below article, they’re very environmentally conscious.  Now I’m not one to let a little industrial waste stand in the way of good beer, but I suppose it’s probably better than having to put out a fire in your local waterways.

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