Gunslingers’ showdown on September 7th

August 19, 2008


With the possibility of Peyton Manning being out for the first game of the season, on 9/7/2008 we could see the epic battle between two QB legends, Jim Sorgi and this guy:

That’s right, Kyle Orton is your new Chicago Bears starting QB!  Being a Vikings fan, I can’t laugh too hard since we’re hardly solid at Quarterback either.  However, Kyle will join a long distinguished list of greats to anchor the spot behind Center for the Bears: Rex Grossman, Chad Hutchinson, Craig Krenzel, Jonathan Quinn, and Henry “Happy Hank” Burris.  He might also be the drinkinest’ Quarterback since the golden era of Joe Namath and Tommy Kramer.

Bear Down!

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    9 Responses to “Gunslingers’ showdown on September 7th”

    1. ben Says:

      Kiss my ass. Kyle Orton is the greatest living American and I am honored to have him at the helm of my city’s football club.

    2. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      You were talking about getting a Kyle Orton jersey, have you had time to buy one yet? Now that he’s been named the starter, they might be all sold out.

    3. mike Says:

      More like Kyle “Boreton”

    4. ben Says:

      He’s not so boring when he’s got a full bottle of Jack Daniels and a fat bag of blow.

    5. chefjames Says:

      who are the vikings?

    6. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      He’s a lot better than this cat from the Chromeo video:

      And Kyle will have more time to practice since he doesn’t manscape like Sexy Rexy.

    7. ben Says:

      Jesus, I laughed so hard I cried.

    8. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Ben.

    9. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      James- The Vikings are a bunch of guys who like to get together and engage in male bonding rituals, like the Freemasons. They donate a lot of money to single mothers, enjoy driving while intoxicated, and engage in charitable boxing matches outside of clubs in Miami.