Dragonforce pack available this Thursday.

August 19, 2008


This Thursday on both XBLA and PSN, Dragonforce will be debuting the first single off of their new album as part of the Dragonforce download pack for Guitar Hero 3. The song, Heroes of our Time, off of their new album will be available as a single on XBLA or in a 3 pack along with Revolution Deathsquad and Operation Ground Pound on XBLA and PSN. I believe that this is the first time a band has released new music through a video game first. Hopefully with this and Metallica making their new album available as downloadable content the day their album drops in stores later this year, will set this trend up for future musicians. One can only hope that we get Chinesse Democracy on Guitar Hero the day we get it in stores.  Either way it’ll be nice to have three more excrutiatingly hard songs to play on GH3.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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