Enter the Drinkbot

August 12, 2008


On our way up to Hayward last week, we stopped off at an amazing tiki lounge in Minneapolis called Psycho Suzie’s. As I’ve stated in a previous episode of the podcast, I love tiki lounges not only for the drinks (well, mostly for the drinks), but also for the amazing selection of tiki mugs that you can sometimes take home with you. Psycho Suzie’s didn’t disappoint, and most of the walls were covered with tiki muggs far crazier than I had ever seen. In my internet quest to track down some of these tiki oddities, I stumbled upon the coolest thing ever…

Tired of having to choose between your love of robots and your love of drinking? Then take yo ass to the internets and get a Drinkbot Tiki Drink Decanter. And yes, he does have a lampshade on his head.

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    One Response to “Enter the Drinkbot”

    1. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Unfortunately, he’s just a decanter. When he can make a South Seas Grog or Paralyzed Polynesian on command, I’ll soon find myself living on the streets with only the drinkbot for company.