Wiikly Virtual Console update

August 11, 2008


Once again, Nintendo dissapoints this week by not giving up Mega Man.  Instead we get Break In (a billiards game), Star Parodier (old school shooter) and Strong Bad Episode 1 on the Wiiware.  So instead of going into detail on these “great” games we got, I’m just going to list the games that I think you should download instead.  There are also plenty of other good games that are not listed below, I just think you will enjoy the below better than what Nintendo has been giving us lately.  Ohh and don’t forget about Madden launching tonight at midnite.

1. Kid Icarus

2. Gunstar Heroes.

3. The Legend of Zelda

4. Tecmo Bowl

5. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

6. Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (Extremely difficult)

7. River City Ransom

8. Super Metroid

9. Super R-Type

10. Streets of Rage 2

11. Baseball Stars 2

12. Super Castlevania IV

13. Star Fox 64

14. City Connection

15. Blades of Steel.

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