Mega Man 9 to include classic NES bugs/glitches

August 5, 2008


In a recent interview Hironobu Takeshita (producer of Mega Man 9), stated that players will have an option to turn on the glithces that plagued the old school Mega Man games.  When asked about the limits put on the team for this game in regards to slow down, flicker, sprite issues etc. Takeshita stated:

Yeah, there were some things, like you couldn’t have more than three enemies on the screen at once, so we had to make sure that that’s how it stayed in our game. In the part with the dragon with the flame, [there should be] flickering, and whatnot.

In the options of this game, you can adjust that, unlike the old games. We purposely put some of those old-school bugs into this game, so it does recreate that feel.

This game just keeps getting better and better based off of everything I read about it.  I for one can’t wait to play this with all the “problems” associated with 8-bit games.  Slow down when there are too many enemies on screen and screen flicker are staples of any good mega man game.

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