New Beer Coming to the US

July 30, 2008


This beer will be appearing in the US next month.  Supposedly, it’s already popular in Canada and the UK, though I don’t know anyone who admits to drinking it.  Fruli is a white beer with strawberry juice, and from what I’ve read opinions are very divided.  It sounds like your typical fruity sweet beer.  Their press release speaks to the “quaff-ability” of Fruli, so prepare to see tables of drunken students smelling like strawberry lipgloss at your local chain bar and grill.

Maybe I’m being snobby about the stuff, but I somehow doubt that it’s going to compare to the amazing New Glarus fruit beers or true Belgian lambics.

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    3 Responses to “New Beer Coming to the US”

    1. chefjames Says:

      The reviews I’ve read said it was really, really sweet. Like soda sweet. Barf-o.

    2. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Maybe they’re targeting the young/urban demographic that enjoys strawberry soda and being drunk. This shit reminds me of the cordial they put in weissebier for children in Germany.

    3. ben Says:

      Or, maybe we can drop shots of Jager in it and show people our boobs!