Your Summer Beer Guide

July 28, 2008


Summer beers are a great way to cool off and waste a Sunday afternoon.  Even though the heat and humidity lend themselves to helping you finish off that 30 pack of Old Style, you don’t have to restrict yourself to swill during the summer months.  This article from Epicurious (via The Today Show) is a good basic explanation of your options:

Don’t just restrict yourself to the local brewer’s “summer seasonal.”  Most likely, it’s just a witbier or Kolsch anyway.  Go straight to the masters for the best examples of these styles: Belgian witbiers, German weissbiers, and Czech pilseners.  Also, American pale wheat ales (like Three Floyds Gumballhead and Bell’s Oberon) are establishing themselves as light and flavorful beers for summer.  My personal favorites are Victory’s Prima Pils, Reissdorf Kolsch, Konig Ludwig Weiss, Brewery Ommegang’s Hennepin Saison, Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, and of course the almighty Gumballhead.

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    3 Responses to “Your Summer Beer Guide”

    1. chefjames Says:

      or you can buck the trend like a certain local bar here in chicago and serve your favorite black beer, juniper stout, or delirium’s noel! there is no reason summer has to mean summer beer! what a “wit”-ty response. oh so punny…

    2. ben Says:

      If you went to that bar, you might even meet some internet celebrities. Oh, and Victory Prima Pils FTW.

    3. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Very true masterchef. Just because a beer is dark doesn’t mean it has to be heavy. People don’t realize that Guinness is essentially close to Coors Light nutritionally speaking. A good dunkelweizen or belgian quadrupel can pair well with a summer salad.