Marvel VS Capcom 3 in the works????

July 28, 2008


More news coming out of SDCC this weekend.  It appears that when asked about a possibility of Marvel VS Capcom 3 ever coming out, Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios President of Production) stated “Yes, and maybe sooner than you think”.  Now this will just be a rumor for now, but if somehow this game could be made I personally would not have the need for any other fighters out there.  In my opinion nothing beats a good of 2D fighting game.  Lets just hope the fantastic character selection screen music from MVC2 returns.

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    One Response to “Marvel VS Capcom 3 in the works????”

    1. ben Says:

      Marvel vs. Capcom 2 always looked cool. However, the fact that it costs, like, $200 on ebay now is sort of a bummer.