Spirit King Grayskull Variant Revealed

July 24, 2008


Spirit of King Grayskull Variant

The third, ultra rare, version of King Grayskull has been revealed at preview night at SDCC. This translucent blue “spirit” variant will apparently only be available to the winners of a raffle at SDCC this weekend. This sort of makes me wish I was there. But, that’s cool. At Wizard World Chicago, I won a Futurama dvd. I think I gave it to Max.
Image courtesy of Emiliano at He-Man.org.

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    One Response to “Spirit King Grayskull Variant Revealed”

    1. chefjames Says:

      not being able to spell is MY shtick! are you trying to steal my thunder?! what a messed up “wold” we live in where your friends steal your shit…