Episode 11

July 18, 2008


Our first female guest! Max and Ben welcome Chicago comedienne/airport baggage handler Chrysteena Lairamore to talk Hellboy, Hancock, Wizard World Chicago, and sex with Max’s relatives.  Featuring Mick Foley’s Big 5, this is one for the ages.  Foul-mouthed, funny, nerdy: This ain’t your grandma’s podcast.

Pictures and links after the jump…

Pictures from the taping:



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    11 Responses to “Episode 11”

    1. scotthall187 Says:

      Thanks for ruining Hancock for me. I just wanted to tell Ben that his “Parents Just Don’t Understand” plaid shirt comment made me laugh out loud. So take that Max, people do get the joke.

    2. ben Says:

      It’s glad to know that my humor is appreciated.

    3. scotthall187 Says:

      NP, but remember the Fresh Prince did make some entertaining summer movies. Don’t forget about Bad Boys and the fantastic Wild Wild West.

    4. scotthall187 Says:

      PS…Christina should be a permanent fixture of the pod cast.

    5. romyfredrica Says:

      ditto on more chrysteena. she’s superawesome. and never ever forget that will smith was in six degrees of separation and he was awesome and he should totally be respected for that performance if nothing else. and happy day to you.

    6. ben Says:

      I also liked that show when Fresh Prince had to be rich. Yo, that show was hilarious! None of those rich people knew about cool things like dancing, and he totally showed them.
      But, in all seriousness, Chrysteena was pretty awesome on the show. I’m sure she’ll be back again.

    7. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Wow, your big 5 with Mick Foley was great. So, apparently, Max is a big fan of Dude Love…

    8. ben Says:

      Two things I enjoyed about the Foley Big 5:
      1. He thought he had to have 5 answers for each question.
      2. When he wants to unwind, he drinks Rumplemintz.

    9. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Yes, you’ve had some strange answers to what people are drinking. It seems that most people don’t devote as much time and thought to alcohol as you might assume. You should have seen the dirty looks my brother and I got at the Dark Knight screening because we kept going to the bar. I don’t think the nerd community embraces drinking as much as they should. After all, it would certainly improve their sex lives.

    10. scotthall187 Says:

      Nerds don’t really have sex lives so booze, might not improve much.

    11. jpg Says:

      This (aside from Trent and Darwin) is one of my favorites thus far.