Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker Typewriter

July 16, 2008


Say that 10 times fast.  You can own the typewriter upon which the late Douglas Adams penned one of the most nerdy books ever – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  You can buy the typewriter here.  (From BBG)


I think I liked the new Zaphod better.  Less fake heads.  Which brings up another point:

Why is the UK so far behind the rest of the world in regard to tv/film effects?  C’mon guys.

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    4 Responses to “Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker Typewriter”

    1. chefjames Says:

      i just realized that if ben grew his hair out,had a hidden second head, and wore futuristic looking clothes from the 1980s, he would look just like Zaphod Beeblebrox.

    2. ben Says:

      Is that a picture from that “Meet the Zohan” Adam Sandler movie?

      Also, the reason that BBC shows have lesser quality sci-fi special effects and props is because all of their stuff sort of developed out of the stage production tradition and is therefore less concerned with such things.

    3. chefjames Says:

      lolol. stage production tradition – whatever, zaphod. i would have believed it had you said they spent all their time trying to figure out how to put fluoride in the water…