Nerd City Showdown: Ninja vs. Hippo

July 11, 2008


ninja vs. hippo
Ninja vs. Hippo. Who wins in this battle between age old arch enemies? Why? Discuss.

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    20 Responses to “Nerd City Showdown: Ninja vs. Hippo”

    1. chefjames Says:

      duh – the ninja. everyone knows hippos can’t breathe in space and in your picture, they’re clearly in space. what is that flying into the ninja’s ass? is that a secret hippo weapon i’m not aware of?

    2. ben Says:

      A spaceship. It’s a spaceship.

    3. chefjames Says:

      are you saying that a ninja’s ass is like the tardis or that a ninja’s ass is a starbase?

    4. ben Says:

      Your ass is a starbase. But back to the original topic, I’m tending agree that the ninja could win as well. I’m basing this upon the assumption that a ninja has, within his arsenal, some sort of projectile weapon that can both penetrate the hippo’s thick skin AND kill it (not just piss it off).

    5. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Could a ninja beat King Hippo from Punch Out?

    6. ben Says:

      I would say that either a ninja or a hippo could beat King Hippo. I don’t think any sort of boxer could kill a hippo, and a ninja would use poisonous darts on him.

    7. scotthall187 Says:

      The real winner, outside of the hippo of course, is the people watching this great battle.

    8. chefjames Says:

      two questions:

      1) so then is the spaceship docking in my ass?

      2) how did my ass get in the ninja’s ass?

    9. ben Says:

      1) yes.
      2) you guys were drinking and one thing led to another.

    10. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      The real question is: Where is the ninja’s natural enemy, the pirate? The pirates must be too busy raping and pillaging to confront faggy ninjas who want to throw poison darts at hippos.

    11. chefjames Says:

      but ben, what does that have to do with the hippo?

    12. chefjames Says:

      and duh – there is no air in space. how would a pirate sail in space without air???? all we have done is proven the ultimate superiority of ninjas. ninjas can do anything.

    13. ben Says:

      I’m not sure that we’ve proven that the ninja posesses a projectile that can pierce the skin of a hippo AND kill it, yet. In our little scenerio, the Hippo is still alive.

    14. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Haven’t you ever seen the documentary “Ice Pirates?”

    15. ben Says:

      Pirates are in the ship. Butt Pirates.

    16. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Coming aboard matey!

    17. chefjames Says:

      i could never grow an afro as big as that guy in ice pirates! i bet billy has space herpes.

    18. chefjames Says:

      coming aboard indeed!

    19. chefjames Says:

      is this the part where someone says “epic post” and posts this:

    20. ben Says:

      So, I’m calling it. Ninja wins.