Project: Optimize Your Browsing with Google Reader

July 7, 2008


Over the years of using the intarwebs, I’ve collected quite a list of sites that I frequent on a mostly daily basis.  What ended up happening was a constant stream of checking to see if stuff on the sites was updated which caused a ton of wasted time.  So, I finally caved in and set up Google Reader and wanted to try using RSS to optimize my normal website routine.  Here’s what happened..

The Setup:

Try it! It’s free!  All you need is a Google account (you do have a gmail account, right??).  Then visit Google Reader and log in.  Just enter the URLs of your favorite sites and it automagically takes it from there.  Set up time should take less than 5 minutes from start to end.

What it looks like:

Google Reader

Using it:

First off, it took a little getting used to.  There is something romantic about seeing your websites in the browser and you don’t get that with Google Reader.  Instead, you only get the raw text and pictures/video/etc.  So it is a little sterile in that regard, but you’re only a click away from the actual website.  That’s really the only negative thing I have to say about it after several weeks of use.

For me, the biggest plus is sitting back while new content from the web slowly trickles into my browser letting me check all at once when I have a free second.  It is like having all the new content from your favorite websites delivered to one spot in your browser.  “Discover” is another cool feature.  It suggests blogs similar to the ones you view based on your current subscriptions.  Now I have even more sites I can peruse in the spare time I recaptured by using Google Reader.  There is also an “offline” feature that allows you to download the content from your sites and view it while you aren’t connected to the internet.


Give it a try for a week or two and see how much time you can now dedicate to other stuff instead of wasting your time browsing the same stuff all day.  Surfing is so 2002…

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