Episode 9

June 22, 2008


Ben and Max talk Hulk, the new Jeff Koons exhibit at the MCA in Chicago, and ‘rasslin, with professional backyard wrestler Darwin “F’in” Smith, in a particularly racially-charged episode of Nerd City.  So sit down and listen, you might learn something.  The more you know…(boo boo be boop).

Pictures and links after the break…

Pics from the taping:


Darwin Smith’s N.E.W. Highlight Reel:

Direct Link to Youtube Video


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    3 Responses to “Episode 9”

    1. scotthall187 Says:

      Michael Cera was not in the fake Zelda trailer. So no need for the hate.

    2. ben Says:

      Really? Too funny! Was it possibly Nick Nolte or Gary Busey?

    3. scotthall187 Says:

      Sadly no, just the fantastic Jake Busey (well I wish it was him at least)