The Maxx

June 2, 2008


The Maxx from Shocker Toys

So, in anticipation of Shocker Toys’ The Maxx action figure, I’ve started going back and reading the tpb collections of the original Image Comics The Maxx series from the 1990′s.  I have to admit that when the series originally came out, I found it a bit weird and not to my tastes.  However, after reading the first 6 issues this past weekend, I’ve got to say that it’s really quite brilliant!  Decidedly psychedelic in tone, the story follows a homeless man who believes himself to be a superhero as he protects Julie Winters, a freelance social worker.  The storyline flashes back and forth between the streets of his city and the fantasy “Outback” in which Julie is the Leopard Queen.  Far out, man!

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